Budget Central is a resource for budget news and information pertaining to California State University, Monterey Bay and the California State University system. The site gives current and potential students, employees and the general public the latest information about the CSUMB budget.

CSUMB 2013-14 Budget Information

2013-14 CSUMB Operating Fund Budget Summary by Division

CSUMB 2013-14 Budget Planning

Strategic Budget Committee Meeting presentation, April 8, 2013

CSUMB Strategic Themes Feb 2013, as reviewed at the Feb 4 Strategic Budget Committee meeting and revised accordingly.

2013-14 CSUMB Budget Planning Assumptions

CSUMB 2012-2013 Budget Information

CSUMB 2012-13 Prop 30 Revised Operating Fund Base Budget Summary
A summary of this year's budget and the base budget requests for 2012-12 by division

2012-13 CSUMB Operating Fund Budget Summary by Division
A budget summary showing revenues, expenditures, base budget changes and expenditure revised base budgets by division.

Past CSUMB Budget Information

The CSUMB General Fund Budgets dating back to 2004-05 are available at the campus library and will be posted soon on the Budget Office website

More resources for budget information

CSU Chancellor's Office

State of California