Each year, hundreds of CSU students study abroad. Some debate international politics in Germany, some savor gelato in Italy, some learn about architecture – and enjoy the beaches of South Africa.

Guadalupe AriasThis year, Guadalupe Arias is one of 81 CSU Monterey Bay students studying in 26 countries.

The senior humanities major from Sacramento is spending the year at the Universidad de Granada in southern Spain.

Like Arias, the majority of CSUMB students who study abroad do so for a full academic year.

“We encourage students to stay that long in order to learn the language and customs and feel like a local rather than a traveler," said Holly White, CSUMB's international program manager.

As she begins her second semester, Arias said she has adapted quite well to the culture and customs of Spain.

“I start my day with a warm café con leche, a Spanish tostada and fresh orange juice,” she wrote in a photo essay on the CSU website.

Arias and friends“From 2 to 4 in the afternoon, the Spanish have their siestas. At the beginning, I felt guilty for having two hours to nap and relax, but I have adjusted to the Spanish way of living.

“I use that free time to do homework or take walks around the city.”

She reported that she’s enjoying her classes and likes Granada’s proximity to the Mediterranean. 

“I left home with an open mind and ready to absorb other cultures. Half of Granada’s population is composed of students from all over Europe and the Americas. I have learned so much about other parts of the world since I’ve been here,” she said.

“This is my new home.”

View a photo essay of Arias’ time in Spain here.

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Photos courtesy of Guadalupe Arias
Top photo: Arias at the 
Universidad de Granada
Bottom photo: The university's Centro de Lenguas Modernas