Small Business & Wireless Ed Tech centers offer free information

Is your small business safe from cyber threats? Do you have an Internet security policy for your employees? Do you have a checklist for how to protect your business data on all your electronic devices?

If the answer to these questions is no or you are unsure about the latest and best precautions to take, there's an easy way to learn how to protect your business in cyberspace, courtesy of the Small Business Development Center and the Wireless Education and Technology Center at CSU Monterey Bay.

Presentations – available in English and Spanish and closed-captioned – are posted online at and can easily be downloaded.

They cover topics including information security when using wi-fi; how to market your business safely online; and how to safeguard your e-waste. A variety of videos, links, worksheets and other resources are also available at the site.

There is no charge for these materials, which are supported by an award from the California Consumer Protection Foundation.

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