"Dialogue and Deliberation," a new book by Professors Debian Marty and Josina Makau, was recently published by Waveland Press.

Amazon says of the book:

Across our differences, people everywhere wish to be heard, to be known, and to be understood. When these needs are met, individuals have the potential to flourish, and communities can work together in common cause. Yet, in the current argument culture, the power of communication to meet these needs remains largely untapped, and the ability to resolve shared problems is compromised. "Dialogue and Deliberation" explores the roots of this communication crisis and offers a realistic means to reconnect, to build community, and to make just and wise decisions together.

Dr. Makau has a Ph.D. in rhetoric from UC Berkeley. Dr. Marty earned a doctorate in communication studies at Ohio State University. Both are professors in the Division of Humanities and Communication. 

In 2001, the two collaborated on another book, "Cooperative Argumentation: A Model for Deliberative Community." 

Dr. Debian Marty discusses the importance of recognizing communication patterns in order to create a more peaceful and just society in this video.

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