logo for Great California ShakeoutThe Big One – it’s not a matter of “if,” Californians have been told. It’s a matter of “when.”

At 10:17 on the morning of Oct. 17, members of the CSU Monterey Bay community are invited to join millions of people statewide in this year’s Great California Shakeout drill to prepare for the inevitable by practicing the drop, cover and hold move.

Drop, cover and hold is a proven method of protecting yourself from earthquake debris. Upon feeling the earth move it is recommended that you drop to the floor (preferably under a substantial piece of furniture); cover your head and neck with your hands, a coat, book or other protective item; and hold there until the ground stops moving. When possible, stay clear of windows, tall un-anchored furniture, or other items that present a hazard if they fall or break.

drop, cover and hold logoWhy is it important to participate? To react quickly, you must practice often. You may only have seconds to protect yourself in an earthquake, before strong shaking knocks you down or drops something on you.

The university’s Emergency Management Office also encourages the campus community to participate in the Shakeout by:

• Learning about earthquakes and the other hazards that threaten our communities
• Making a plan for what to do in an emergency
• Building a disaster survival kit
• Getting involved in opportunities to support community preparedness

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