A long-extinct creature roams the earth – at least CSUMB's piece of it – once again.

Mona the Mammoth has a shaggy purple headMona the Mammoth is part of CSUMB's celebration of Earth Day, and will remain on display through May 17.

The public art piece is a project of the university's Visual and Public Art (VPA) Department and the Associated Students Environmental Affairs Committee. The theme was chosen because of its association with global warming, which contributed to the extinction of the animal. The mammoth is, quite literally, the elephant in the room.

The project was meant to stimulate a discussion about the importance of public art as well as to create a dialogue about global and community concerns.

The 12-foot by 16-foot sculpture – made of a wooden understructure and mostly recycled, repurposed materials – took about 12 weeks to complete. During that time, VPA faculty member Dio Mendoza and instructional technician Steev White worked on it almost continuously. Students and community members also participated.

Public events:

• Mammoth tour and artists' presentations
April 22, 4-5 p.m.

• Relocation reception
May 17, noon-2:30 p.m.

Mona the Mammoth is on display outside the library

Photos courtesy of Visual and Public Art Department