This semester, students from CSU Monterey Bay explored Fort Ord in an environmental filmmaking class. The results of that exploration will be presented May 9 at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz. 

The showing is part of Planet Ord, a multi-media exhibition curated by CSUMB professor Enid Baxter Ryce that will be on display through July 20. The presentation of student work is one of several special programs offered during the course of the show.

The students’ work – photography, sculpture and film – is based on their research into the ecology and history of the fort.

Fort Ord – once the largest military base in the American West – was a vital center during much of the 20th century. More than a million people lived and worked at the base, embedding the current architectural ruin with layers of murals and traces of their lives.

from a film to be shown May 9The May 9 event will feature work by:

• Lorraine Cardoza and Neal Allen – Restoration: The Watershed Institute of CSU Monterey Bay

• Danika Cauthen-Wright and Sydney Thomas – Light pollution and sense of place

• Trinh Dinh and Nolan Farrel – Sudden oak death in Central California

• Anthony Ertola – Water consumption on the golf courses of the former Fort Ord

• Brett Granados – Landfill contamination on Fort Ord

• Amy Ochoa – Domesticated coyotes of Fort Ord

• Efren Lopez – Fort Ord: Then and Now

• Anthony Rodriguez – The plight of homeless veterans in the Fort Ord community

• Elizabeth Schurig – Invasive species impact on Fort Ord’s maritime chaparral

• Lucas O. Seastrom – Life in Fort Ord’s microclimates

• Kyle Stueve – Nature’s reclamation of Fort Ord’s buildings 

TAT 424 tumblr, where students post their findings and works in progress