With enrollment in the California State University system expected to top 450,000 for the upcoming school year, hundreds of new faculty members have been hired.

Insert a description of the image here.At California State University, Monterey Bay, 14 new tenure-track professors have already been hired for the new school year and several more may join them. The university anticipates it will hire 24 more for the 2015-16 school year.

The hiring is part of an effort in the CSU system to fill about 700 full-time faculty positions for the upcoming year to accommodate enrollment growth (approximately 10,000 more students are expected this year), relieve course bottlenecks and fill posts left vacant by retiring faculty members.

Now that the system is getting more funding – $142.2 million in additional money for the upcoming year – the CSU has made it a priority to boost the number of tenure-track professors, according to CSU spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp.

CSUMB’s newly hired faculty members with department, rank, discipline and degree:

Starting in fall 2014:

• Sumadhur Shakya, Business, assistant professor, operations management, Ph.D. in transportation and logistics, North Dakota State University

• Xiaowei Xu, Business, assistant professor, finance, Ph.D. in finance, University of Alberta (Canada)

• Heiko Wieland, Business, assistant professor, marketing, Ph.D. in international management, University of Hawaii at Manoa

• Danielle Burchett, Psychology, assistant professor, clinical psychology, Ph.D. in clinical psychology, Kent State University

• Kyle Stephenson, Psychology, assistant professor, clinical psychology, Ph.D. in psychology, University of Texas at Austin

• Justin Matthews, Psychology, assistant professor, experimental psychology, Ph.D. in cognitive and information sciences, University of California, Merced

• Gabriela Zapata, World Languages and Cultures, assistant professor, Spanish linguistics, Ph.D. in Spanish, Pennsylvania State University

• Maria Bellumori, Kinesiology, assistant professor, kinesiology/biomechanics, Ph.D. in biomechanics and movement science, University of Delaware

• Brian Cook, Kinesiology, assistant professor, kinesiology, Ph.D. in health and human performance, University of Florida

• Julie Altman, Health, Human Services and Public Policy, professor/director, MSW program, Ph.D. in social service administration, University of Chicago

• Anand Seetharam, Information Technology and Communication Design, assistant professor, computer science, Ph.D. in computer science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Starting in spring 2015:

• Alison Haupt, Science and Environmental Policy, assistant professor, marine conservation, Ph.D. in biological sciences, Stanford University

• Kerry Nickols, Science and Environmental Policy, assistant professor, marine conservation, Ph.D. in marine ecology, University of California, Davis

• Timothy Miles, Science and Environmental Policy, assistant professor, plant pathology, Ph.D. in plant pathology, Michigan State University